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Eddie and I are not miracle workers, but fantasies, we got that. has a pairing of two strangers, Ernie and Cody. Ernie contacted me because although he's straight, and has a girlfriend, he loves his hole to be played with; toys are fine, but now he wants the real deal. Cody is a hustler we found on the streets; we knew he was our guy when we drove by slowly, and he lifted his shirt. Both are 23 and up for some sucking; "I dabble," comments Cody when I ask about his sexual orientation. The two strip and Cody goes down on Ernie first; yep, Cody's got that oral thing down, but Ernie comments that his girlfriend is better. This must push something in Cody because from this point on, it becomes a challenge and we boys love challenges. Alternating from mouth to hand and balls to taint, Cody has Ernie panting and gasping; watch Ernie's eyes roll as Cody bobs up and down. The next time I ask Ernie about Cody's skills, Ernie has now changed his mind about the better cock sucker. Cody gets Ernie close then backs off, grinning at his accomplishment. After a bit more teasing, Cody has Ernie on the edge and strokes him to orgasm. When Ernie blows his load, a couple of thick streams fly up followed by some serious "lava;" Cody again smiles at his "handiwork."

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