Nico Thai & Aiden Summer

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Nico Thai, 21, is a gorgeous Canadian with Asian genealogy. This student is about to be both pupil and teacher to Aiden Summers. Today Aiden is 20 and for his birthday, he's about to get a lot more than just something to blow out. He's excited to be with "an Asian for the first time." At we make all your birthday wishes "cum" true, as well as the other 364 days!
"Hmm, you taste good," comments Aiden. Both he and Nico grind against one another as they kiss. Aiden gets up on all fours and removes Nico's belt, shirt and pants, revealing an already hardened penis. As the two kneel into one another, Nico whispers, "you're so hot." Aiden then leans down and takes Nico into his warm wet mouth; "ah suck that cock" moans Nico. Pulling Aiden's underwear off, Nico swallows Aiden's engorged dick. As Aiden watches his partner, they both moan. Aiden then throws Nico back in order to blow him again. Thrusting up to meet Aiden's mouth, Nico asks, "how's that taste?" Aiden answers, by deep throating him. After Nico sucks on his partner's dick again, he says, "I have an appetite for your ass," and puts Aiden on all fours. Slapping on Aiden's rump as he sucks and fondles, both boys are ready to fuck; it's just a matter of who will go first.
Aiden lubes himself up and "climbs on up" to Nico. "That's so hot," Nico gasps as Aiden slides on. From the side, as they grind, Aiden stays hard as long as Nico is inside him. "Fuck me," whines Aiden as the two work Nico's dick back up. Aiden also takes this opportunity to finger Nico's hole. Back in Aiden, both are happy and hard once again. "You know what? I'll try that," suggests Nico as he rolls over and presents his ass to Aiden.
Eager for a taste, Aiden goes in, tongue first. As he labs up the sweet hole, Aiden lubes up to fuck Nico. Going in, both realize how tight Nico is, but within a few minutes, things are smooth and rhythmic. "Fuck me," gasps Nico as he falls chest first into the sheets. Aiden's thrusting is so sensual; they are completely lost in the moment. Nico turns around and says, "you're good." The two kiss and grab one another; Nico is now ready to try a missionary position. A few more minutes of Aiden and Nico is screaming, "yeah." At this point, legs, arms and bodies twitch as the two ungulate and grind. Aiden pulls out just in time to shower Nico with his cum; both laugh at the amount and distance Aiden squirted. Nico wants to cum, but he advises, "this may take a bit." Helping him out, Aiden plays with Nico's nipples; apparently they are best when, "pinched" Nico offers. Both stroke Nico's cock and tweak his nipples; "let me feel your ass," says Nico as he fingers his willing partner. Using Aiden's cum as lube, the rest glistening on his body, Nico then blows his own load onto his groin, "ah fuck yeah" he moans. "Ah fuck yeah" is right; we should all have a lesson like this, filmed or not.


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