Young and Straight

This young man is absolutely about feeling cozy, as he gets really really hard. I like his warm and friendly character and his sexy butt aint too poor, either. Brian responses, "it feels excellent and I'm not even hard, damn."
Brian has a awesome human body, lean but strong. Getting hard will take a bit, as all new people do, but there's more than enough there to keep us interested: his awesome and well sized balls stiffening, his lovely nipples and that lips;
Brian's soft mouth appears to express accurately what he's experiencing. I consent with Brian, stroking always feels excellent. Sitting back up, Brian's neck and chest area start to redden as his penis swells.
He leans back and bites his soft and lovely lips as he swings and watches his dick; at this point I'm certain we're all mesmerized by it. Acquiring a bit, Brian attempts to lose himself in his own joy. I love this cumshot of him, with a lot of creamy sperm, with his tasty cock wagging and his abs tightening up; Ah, wonderful youth!