Colby London

Colby London is a perfect young guy! He has a fit and well trained Body. His Face is sweet like sugar and he has wonderful dark eyes. His haircut is also nice. Yep, Colby has SWAG! In the past Colby had only sex with women, but one year ago he realized that he is also attracted to guys. At first he was shocked, he thought that he might could be gay. But after a few weeks Colby London realized that he is attracted to both genders nearly in the same way. This was the time when Colby was sure that he is bisexual. At the same Time he started to experience with other guys. The first time with other guys Colby was just into Oralsex. After a few Oralsex-dates Colby fucked for the first time another guy! It was such a good feeling that he jsut can't stop thinking about it. Today Colby will learn again something new: He will puts a sextoy for the first time into his tight Ass! So this is Colby London's first Anal Masturbation Experience - and everything was filmed in High-Def! Ok Colby, Let's go!


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